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Straight Talk from the Deputy’s Desk: Conceal Carry, Where Can’t I Go?

| May 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

By Sheriff Office Staff18 sheriff conceal carry

Even with a Concealed Handgun License, Where Can I Not Carry a Firearm?

Oregon law provides very few limits on where a person with a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) can carry a firearm, and federal laws contain a few more prohibitions. Even if you have a CHL, you cannot carry a firearm on any of the following properties:

Federal facilities. Federal courthouses, social security offices, in secured areas of airports, and on airplanes.

National forests. If marked or posted by signs prohibiting all firearms.

Designated wilderness areas. If a specific declaration has enacted a restriction or prohibition of firearms.

Indian reservations or Indian property. You may not carry a firearm concealed without the written permission of the tribal judge; this may also apply to certain casinos on Indian lands. We advise people to contact the individual tribe to determine what the current rules are for that location.

Courts. In a courtroom, jury room, judge’s chambers or adjacent areas that the presiding judge determines should be free of firearms to ensure the safety of the litigants, court personnel, witnesses and others.

Private property. Where the owner prohibits firearms possession.

Washington County Jail. No person may bring a firearm, weapon or other contraband into the secure perimeter of the Washington County Jail, and all visitors to the jail must go through a security screening and metal detector. Knowingly introducing contraband into a correctional facility is a Class C felony.  Visit the Sheriff’s Concealed Handgun License Unit website.

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