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Meet Our New Public Information Officer

| October 1, 2012 | 4 Comments

Introducting Office Mike Rowe

He was born in Hollywood so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that Officer Mike Rowe is frequently caught in the glare of the media lights and has already participated in nationally televised programs.

Mikes first home was in Hollywood, Florida until the age of three when the Rowe family moved to Oregon. For the next fifteen plus years the Rowe’s called Beaverton home. Mike went to Vose Elementary, Highland Park Middle School and Beaverton High.

Officer Mike Rowe

At 18 he had only one serious option if he wanted to explore law enforcement from the inside, the Beaverton Police Cadet Program. Working as a Mikes interest in law enforcement was peeked in part because his grandfather had been a state trooper and also because he thought it would be interesting. Mikes confesses that he grew up with a well-grounded respect for authority and a desire to help people. He “looked up” to the men and women in blue.

young volunteer recruit only solidified his desire to seriously pursue a career in police work.
In 1996 Mike realized his almost lifelong dream and became a Police Officer in Beaverton.Four years later, at the age of 22, Mike was able to take the next step and become a Reserve Officer. This meant Mike was going to be armed and, with limited department approval, make arrests if necessary. Over the next six years Mike honed his skills as a Reserve Officer while enjoying the benefits of having a good job in the private sector.

Mike pursued advanced training as a Hostage Negotiator (a title he still holds and trains for), Firearms Instructor, DUII detection expert and instructor, Mobile Response Team member, Traffic Officer and Community Policing Officer.

While a Traffic Officer, Mike developed a true passion both professionally and personally in the area of safety seat education. “With small kids at home, at the time, I became keenly aware and concerned about occupant safety, specifically seat-belts and child safety seats. I became a certified technician which allowed me to professionally install and inspect safety seats”, said Officer Rowe.

The opportunities to address the motoring public also gave Mike some much desired public speaking opportunities.

Mike moved on to the title of Community Policing Officer and, along with a Hillsboro Officer, developed a curriculum for a Criminal Justice Class that was taught to High School students and received college credit hours. This exposure to students fueled his desire to apply for the School Resource Officer position which he obtained in 2005.

“Probably the most valuable, beneficial and rewarding time in my law enforcement career was spent as an SRO assigned to Sunset High School”, commented Rowe. Mike credits the students, staff and his ability to make a difference on a variety of fronts for making this a memorable experience.

Mikes decision to apply for the PIO position was difficult but the timing was right and he was excited about becoming the face and voice of the Beaverton Police Department.

Mike can be reached at 503-526-2275.

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  • Byron Kephart

    Um…you may want to have an editor take a look at this article before 1/2 the country clicks on the link from Mike Rowe’s (the other one, you know, Dirty Jobs?) post on FB today…

    • Matthew House

      On the other hand, seeing poor writing reminds me of my gigantic stack of printouts of spelling and grammar mistakes from BPD.

  • Tony Pavese

    I noticed that myself Byron Kephart. It certainly doesn’t do either Mike any justice.

    • Matthew House

      Actually, I think it does.

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