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GRIT. The Ducks Proved They Have It, Do You?

| April 6, 2017 | 0 Comments

As a University of Oregon Alumnus and avid sports fan, I have had serious heart 20170321_064442palpitations during this season’s basketball season.

While there have been many games where the Duck’s men’s basketball team easily had games in hand, I simply cannot remember a season with so many close call victories.  Many of them, coming from behind and winning via last second shots!

While exciting and satisfying, they are hard on my blood pressure!

It is these types of games that show  us what our teams have.  It is these games that show us if our team has GRIT!

The Ducks have grit!  A super talented team, they lost one of their key players for the rest of the season in the Pac 12 tournament.  They faced a tough 1st round opponent in the NCAA Tournament, and in the 2nd round were down much of the game to an equally tough, but lower ranked opponent.  Was this it?  The opponent, Rhode Island (the 11 seed) had the 3-seed Ducks on the ropes.  It appeared they could do no wrong.  For the most talented team in UO History…was the round of 32 going to be it?  Time to pack their bags?

NO!  Why?  Because this team has GRIT!  They never stopped trying!!

Do teams with the talent to make it deep in the tournament lose due to a lack of ability?  No.  It is attitude, and a dogged determination that keeps them from giving up.

In Angela Duckworth’s book Grit, she discusses that the highly successful have ferocious determination that plays out in two ways:

  1. Hard work & Resilience!
  2. They know deep down, what it is they want.  In other words, they have direction!

The title of Duckworth’s book, is:  GRIT!

The subtitle is:  The Power of Passion and Perseverance!

2 key ingredients for success:  Passion and Perseverance.  While passion is quite key, I argue that PERSEVERANCE is more important.  When things get tough, will you (or your employees) keep focus?  Will you adapt?  Will you keep going?

Typically in our lives, things tend to be harder more often that easier.  So in a world where we punch buttons and get want we want both quickly and easily, will you and your people at work do everything it takes to succeed when things get tough?

One line from the book:  “Some people are great when things are going well, but they fall apart when things aren’t!”

During the NCAA basketball season, when Oregon barely beat Tennessee, UCLA, Cal, & Stanford, I knew these tight games would pay dividends in the Pac-12 and NCAA tournaments when they faced tough opponents.  Not all victories are 10-point victories or blow outs.  How will you win, when down all game?  When your shot is not falling?  When your opponent appears to do no wrong?

By having and employing a never give up attitude!


Some of this is inherent in people.  In others, it grows and strengthens, especially when their leader has it…and illustrates it day in and day out!

Do you have GRIT?  If you are a manager or business owner in today’s business world, you’ll need it.


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