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Community Submission: Foreign Exchange Students

| April 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

Traveling to Oregon as foreign exchange students seven months ago, Christina 27 STS Christina, Senator Olsen and Doha(Armenia) and Doha (Israel) began their academic year at a Beaverton area high school and both have already learned much about Oregon and Oregonians.

“What I like about Oregon is its history, people and nature,” says Christina, “being surrounded by mountains and woods gives you a feeling of freedom. And the desire for freedom is what is important about Oregonians.”

Doha and Christina have had the opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture and share their culture and traditions with their host family, as their host mom explains, “hosting an STS Foundation student is like adding an international branch to your family tree.”

Through STS Foundation, their cultural exchange experience also allows involvement in volunteer opportunities and exposure to local government. In February, Christina and Doha celebrated Oregon’s 158th birthday with a trip to the Oregon State Capitol, where they had the honor of meeting Senator Olsen.

Learning about cultural differences has also been an important realization, as Doha reflects, “After coming here I realized a really important thing, which is that you don’t need to have the same habits, values, thoughts or culture to get along, you just need to be nice about it, and then there is nothing to fear.”

In a few short months, Doha and Christina will say goodbye to Oregon and the friends they have made, forever holding this experience close at heart, and having forever impacted our local community for the better.

Become A Host Family For An Exchange Student for the 2017-2018 School Year! Host families provide a bed, family meals and a loving and caring environment.

Contact Local Coordinator, Danielle Van Noy at Or visit us at to learn more.

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