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Community Submission: A Slice of Wilderness

| March 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

By Joy Cote06 Nature Park Interpretive Center 1

We had started coming to the Nature Park Interpretive Center just off of TV Highway and Millikan when our children were young.  They were still building the park at that time and we had the opportunity to not only watch our children grow, but the park as well.

We went from walking on the paved paths to walking on the more challenging trails that weave throughout the whole park.  Our children grew from tiny kids, excited by a newt crossing the walkway, to young adults who would explain to me what kind of tree or ivy we were looking at. The last time I had come to the park, my youngest daughter was getting her senior pictures taken; now here I am with my Dad making yet another memory.

As I watched my Dad slowly shuffle to the nearby bench; I smiled as he stops to take a small break, when a little boy about three years old, went racing by him only to suddenly switch directions and stop when he spotted a frog on the pathway.

In that one moment I realized I had come full circle, I took my Dad’s arm and help him the rest of the way over to the bench and we sat and talked watching the kids go by, most were running carefree and happy to be so close to nature.

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