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Community Submission: 100 Years and Counting! Happy Birthday Marion Franklin

| October 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

By Creekside Village Staff10 Happy 100 Marion Franklin

When I asked Marion Franklin what she thought of turning 100 years old this month, she quickly replied “the Lord has been very good to me. I have no health problems so to speak of, except a little bit of hearing issues. I never smoked, never drank and always walked with the Lord.” Not bad I say, not bad at all for 100 years of living!

Marion Estella Franklin was born in Creston, Iowa on October 24, 1917. She grew up during the Depression years with her share of tragedies, struggles, joys and accomplishments.

There was no television in those early years, so the winters were spent outside with neighborhood friends having snowball fights, building snow forts and sliding down the perfect hill on a coal shovel. Likewise, in the summertime at her grade school, the kids would walk up a two-story tunnel that was used as a fire escape. With their trusty tennis shoes on to grip the metal, they would climb to the top and use bread wrappers made of wax paper to slide down. What fun, not to mention FAST!

Life wasn’t all fun and games though. Tragically, her mother died when Marion was only 7 years old. “I suspected it was cancer,” she recalled. “It just wasn’t talked about in those days.” In addition, Marion’s father was a “railroad man” and would have to leave quite often. Consequently, different aunts would come to the house to help take care of her. This way of life caused Marion to become a very independent person.

She graduated from high school in Iowa and married Bill Franklin one year later. The young couple lived in a home owned by a single man who offered Bill a job picking corn from 7 am – 7 pm. The agreed upon wage was $1.00 a day and a meal. Marion often cooked for their bachelor landlord to help earn extra money. However, being a young bride she explained, “I wasn’t a very experienced cook at 19 years old ya know, but I made applesauce, good applesauce.”

As time went by the couple became pregnant with twins. But towards the end of the full term Marion became very ill. It was diagnosed that she had an appendicitis. During the surgery both twins died and to add to the tragedy she never knew the reason. “No one really ever could explain why they died,” Marion sadly reflected. Thankfully though they went on to have 2 more children. “I have one boy, one girl and twins in heaven,” she added.

After the war ended the family came out to Vancouver, Washington so Bill could work in the ship yards. Following that he and his father established a “slab mill” making 2 x 4s. Then the Franklins ended up spending the next 17 years managing several hotels near the coast.

Many years later while living in Eddyville, Oregon, Marion became saddened by the fact that there were no churches in the tiny rural area near Eugene. So she set about to change that and became instrumental in establishing the Village Mission Church that still is active to this day (one of her proudest accomplishments). Marion has lead a blessed and fulfilled life but the one thing she’d like to change is not losing her mom.

We celebrate Marion this month! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and our wishes for many more blessed years.

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