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Beaverton Teen Talk: Snowdays vs. School Days: A Child’s Memoir

| February 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

By Tyannah Mims21 Peter Stevens 1

My phone rings. “All District schools and facilities are closed,” says the automated voice.

Snow day! I tell my mom and she says, “Okay. Turn your alarm off for tomorrow.”

I am dancing around the house because I am so excited that I’ll get to live my Snow Day Schedule.

5:55am (School Day)  Normally, my alarm goes off and I stumble out of bed like a zombie to get ready for school.

5:55am (Snow Day!)  I sleep peacefully all the way to 11 AM.

11:00am (School Day) On a normal day, I would be in my Math Class.

11:00am (Snow Day!) Instead, when we walk outside, cold air rushes against my face. I love that feeling, being warm in my coat with the world all frozen around me. I teach my little sister how to make snow balls, even though she’s more interested in eating the snow.

Schunk! A wad of snow and ice slaps into my face. Reflex takes over. I stoop down and scoop up snow, rolling it into the most powerful snowball in the universe. My mom has crossed the line. It’s on!

The war only lasts a few minutes. My mom doesn’t like being out in the cold. Her retreat proves that I won.21 Peter Stevens 2

12:10pm (School Day) On a normal day, I’d be in my Crew Class.

12:10pm (Snow Day!) Today, I am shivering, finally ready to go inside. When I open the door, steaming mugs of hot chocolate await us on the table. As the delicious drink goes down my throat, it warms me up fast, like being on vacation in the Bahamas. We drink our hot chocolate and watch football. Can life get any better?

We had a lot of snow days this school year, and I loved every one. Here’s hoping for more snowy weather next Winter!

About Tyannah: Tyannah is in the eighth grade at HSMS and wants to be a singer and actress. She loves food, watching TV, reading, and sleeping.

Photos by Peter Mora-Stevens.Peter is an 8th grader at HSMS and wants to go to the Portland Art Institute to pursue photography.

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